5g Smartphone

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Silver charging head does not damage the battery

Built in intelligent identification chip, automatically match the current required by the equipment, safe and fast charging without scalding.

The charging time of 3.1a high current is reduced by half, and the peak current can reach 3.1a, which is three times faster than that of 1.1a.

Mobile phone + tablet charging at the same time, 3.1a total current, mobile phone + tablet charging at the same time, not hot, single port support 2.4a fast charging, refuse to wait.

Under the fashionable appearance, you can't put it down. PC + ABS fireproof shell adopts high gloss surface treatment, which is fashionable, beautiful and durable.

Travel with me is enough, using 110-240V voltage input, to meet the voltage charging in most countries and regions.

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fast is more meaningful

Joint reinforcement, bending resistance, bid farewell to interface rupture.

TPE material is used for the body of the line, which is environmental friendly material with high strength, good toughness, wear resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, water resistance and aging resistance.

The core upgrade is efficient and fast, and the core upgrade is efficient and fast.

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Yinke data line copper roughening is more efficient.

Support mainstream wireless charging mobile phone, press the power on key, put down the phone immediately charge, wireless is not cumbersome, intelligent life.

Upgrade large coil with shell can also charge, large coil power concentration, more stable and sensitive wear_ The case can also be charged normally.

Charging does not burn, intelligent chip, low temperature protection, safety does not burn, easy to charge.

Anti slip design, stable charging, soft silicone anti-skid pad, firmly stabilize the mobile phone, even if the vibration is not easy to slide.

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Yinke face recognition intelligent lock

Dual core chip, using CPU dual chip, safe and convenient, and support anti touch function, can withstand 100000 times of unlocking. According to the calculation of 10 times in a day, it can be used for 27 years, 4 months and 22 days, accompanied by your baby's birth to a family.

Embedded face recognition algorithm to realize offline work, mainly used to complete face detection, face capture, face feature extraction and comparison functions. After the comparison is successful, the switch value is output to complete the function of driving lock and door opening.

CQC certification, CMA certification, CNAs certification, security a…

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